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To portray our spirit fairly we thought an interview with our Sifu would express it just so...

Q. Why did you start martial arts?

I guess being bullied at school started me and my uncle John greatly influenced me he's a Polynesian Maori, a professional wrestler and studied Goju-Ryu karate for many years.


Q. What are the Principles and Concepts you try to instil in your students?

Respect for yourself and others, dedication... to be the best you can be.


Q. How have Martial Arts affected your life?

They have given me direction. This has ultimately led me to teach, to create students who are better than I am.


Q. Can you give a little information on your lineage?

I started training in Martial Arts in 1979 with Stuart Hunt learning Lau Gar Kung Fu. In 1985 I met Master Chan Poi and began studying Wah Lum Kung Fu under ITSWA (International TaiJi Quan and Shaolin Wushu Association).


During the miners strike I met Howard Thomas who really interested me in the internal arts and Tai Chi as opposed to external arts like Kung Fu. I continued to study 7 Star Praying Mantis with Sifu Derek Frearson under ITSWA and Wah Lum with Master Chan Poi, eventually meeting Grand Master Lee Kam Wing and committing to the 7 Star Praying Mantis system.  In 2016 I was officially given the 9th generation lineage - one of the proudest moments in my life. 


I continued to study internal arts with Howard Thomas and for 25 years have practiced and studied with Janet Bent who has been a massive influence in my life and Internal Arts. 


Andy's Master is Lee Kam Wing (Hong Kong) and his teacher is Derek Frearson (Leicester).  His governing body is the International TaiJi Quan and Shaolin Wushu Association ITSWA.  He is a member of the British  Council for Chinese Martial Arts.

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